La France contemporaine

William Edmiston, Annie Dumenil

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Monsieur Ibrahim Et Les Fleurs Du Coran (French Edition)

Eric Schmitt

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FREN2405 Lecture (L1) Notes - Monsieur Ibrahim & La Parure

Written by Ellie

Notes from FREN2405 lectures (L1 class). Includes notes on the texts 'Monsieur Ibrahim' and also 'La...

5 pages, 1520 words

FREN2405 Tute (L2) Notes

Written by Ellie

Notes from FREN2405 tutorials (L2 class). Organised in chronological order, with each section titled...

6 pages, 1652 words

La Parure Notes for FREN2405

Written by Ellie

Notes about the short story 'La Parure' for FREN2405 test revision. These notes were written in June...

3 pages, 837 words

FREN2405 Grammar Notes for Tests

Written by Ellie

Notes for FREN2405 grammar test revision, which include material from lectures, tutorials and gramma...

10 pages, 2457 words


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Look, I'd say that this is not a particularly well structured unit for students who don't know how to direct their own learning. You can get a lot out of a coordinator like Sabine if you have the drive to ask her questions, push for more to do and generally show initiative.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015