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ENVT3363: Ecological Processes notes

Written by Brad

Notes for lectures 2-22 in the ENVT3363: Ecological Processes lecture series (Lecture 1 was an intro...

126 pages, 18959 words


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The unit is fairly easy. The content was pretty straightforward with a lot of topics seen throughout many other similar subjects. A lot of examples are based on research performed by unit coordinators and lecturers which can become repetitive but at times are relevant to the topics. The majority of the time the labs were relevant to the lectures and allowed time to work on major group assignments. Assessed lab work was easy marks as well as the major group assignment if done well. The exam was very straightforward as the unit coordinator explained well what would be in the exam and giving tips as to what to study

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

The most unorganised, confusing and overall badly structured unit i've ever taken. It has material that might be interesting in the hands of someone capable of delivering it in a clear and instructive way, but Gary kendrick gets distracted talking about his own research, then skims through his largely text free slides, leaving the class wondering what the lectures are even about. The labs are also not great, with tutors expecting students to have outside knowledge of advanced genetic based statistical analysis. When asked for help, they replied with often vague and confusing answers. Although the 6 essay exam questions were made available before sitting it, the questions were not clear, related only vaguely to what was said in the lectures, and required the use of in text references. STEAR CLEAR IF YOU CAN, SAVE YOURSELF THE PAIN!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013