Engineering Your Future

David Dowling, R. G. Hadgraft, Anna Carew, Tim McCarthy, Doug Hargreaves, Caroline Baillie

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Surely the worst and most useless unit I've ever taken. If it's not compulsory, don't ever take it. The course structure isn't well-organised and teaches you no useful skill to be an engineer. It isn't worth the tuition fee and your time with boring facilitators. If you're lucky you'll have good teammates and the only thing you'll get from the unit is some friends; otherwise you'll have 12 weeks in hell with a group of people staring at one another. The lectures are not relevant to the projects and the workshops and you have to work everything out by yourself. Writing reports without any criteria or format and what to expect is the worst experience. It makes you stay up til 4am under lots of pressure in the first semester of first year and still get a low grade without any feedback. The text book is a waste of money and you won't need it, even you don't read it you'll be fine, except when the facilitator checks your note and come up with a random attendance mark.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

I dropped engineering after taking this unit. Not only did it make me lose my interest in my course, but it ruined my first semester at uni. How can you expect first year uni students to write personal reflections on where they want to be and what skills they need to acquire to get there, when they've just come out of high school and have no idea what the hell is going on. The entire unit is just group projects which are extremely frustrating unless you have a genius in your group who can do everything. Everyone is apathetic and bored which makes it much harder to do well, and the main group project is worth 50% which is just ridiculous. They expect detailed technical reports but don't actually teach you any thing to help you in this unit. The lectures were boring and included no relevant content. They also con you into buying a $65 online textbook which is garbage and you'll never use again. I learnt more in this unit from one of the mature age students in my second group project than i did from the unit coordinator and my facilitator. Coupled with the other terrible first and second year engineering units, you're guaranteed to have a terrible experience. Good luck

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Honestly just a really boring and useless unit. Don't take it if engineering isn't your major. Lectures were recorded but attendance was taken???? Very nice tactic to make students show up to lectures. The $60 online textbook isn't worth it, I'd recommend someone buying it and splitting the cost with others.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

The most boring and stupid unit you will ever undertake. They don't teach you anything relevant to what you are required to produce in the assessments and then still expect you to produce fully fleshed-out reports way above your technical knowledge. For an intro unit, it is unacceptable the number of engineering skills and knowledge they expect from you. My facilitator was hopeless, hard to understand and didn't provide even understand the content they were trying to teach us.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020