Employment Relations

Mark Bray, Rae Cooper, Peter Arnold Waring, Johanna Macneil

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Australia Employment Relations

Written by Jera

Good notes Use tables and charts to represent information for comparison etc Not wordy (not th...

49 pages, 10285 words

EMPL2202 Final Exam Notes

Written by Joce

There's a lot of content to go through for EMPL2202 final exam. This note summaries the chapters...

17 pages, 2780 words


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The textbook was awesome! Really well organised and informative and the unit coordinator went in chronological order of the book. She had an immense knowledge of the subject and it was evident during lectures. The reason for the three starts is the disconnect between the unit coordinator and tutor I had. It seemed directions for assignments weren’t clearly communicated and there were always varied answers. Ultimately the tutor is the one grading essays etc so it was a bit frustrating at times. Tutorials were also pretty painful and boring mostly..didn’t really assist with anything other than participation marks. Very informative unit overall especially if you are majoring in ER/HR.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017