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This unit was a joke for us. Like the first lecture of the unit was literally about WHY we had this as a Unit. If you listened to your students' wants and needs, more journalism units is the way to go. Why did we need to waste our time and others' making a board game and LEARNING about game theory? Like Savat, I get that it's YOUR passion but this is not a game theory or game design course. IT IS COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA. Like seriously, I just don't understand why you needed to run this unit as a CORE UNIT, causing so much stress and anxiety among the students. Having international students in this course, who couldn't speak English, was a NOT A GOOD DECISION. They dragged the group effort down and why would you have students in a COMMUNICATIONS UNIT if they cannot COMMUNICATE? There was one girl in my group who was an international student and contributed nothing. Actually, that's a lie, she was able to make 6 counters. That's it. Like, is this a joke? Because from the response of the tutor to my SPARK reviews outlining my issues with the little work that was done, I got no support. All she said to me was: 'tell David" so I guess now I am. Yet another way to put more stress on us, thanks Savat and Co.. I understand this is a savage review, but honest to God, it's the fkn truth. Like there is no reason why we needed to do this unit, it's actually made us all question whether this whole degree was worth it. As my last core unit for this major, I am severely disappointed with the content and the requirements of this unit. I learnt nothing and felt like I wasted my whole semester. Sure, some parts were fun (like designing the game board) but taught me nothing. If we'd been given the game theory and design already and just had to market/ communicate the instructions clearly, then I would have (maybe) felt like this was actually an integral part of communications and media. Maybe a media release assessment of the game itself? A letter trying to get sponsorship for the game? Who knows; something we could take away and use in the real world. ANYWAY thank you for a waste of time semester, and good luck to all the future students who have to sit through this with their fellow group members. IF ONLY I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018