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The teachers are good, and it's easy to pass. However, group work is a very large part of both the tutorials and the third assessment (a business plan). Probably decent if you have a good group. Unfortunately, this unit seems popular amongst non-English speaking students. As in, students that do not speak the language at all. A few were putting very basic things the rest of the group had written through Google translate, and their part of the group work was clearly straight from ChatGPT (and made no real sense in context, so they clearly had not read it). We also had to keep reminding them to do it, keep reminding them what they had to do, etc. It's likely due to the type of assessments, as there is no exam, so it's possible to pass without actually needing to do any work that cannot be outsourced. It's a shame, cause the unit is super interesting, and Paul is extremely knowledgeable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

This unit is quite easy in content. The first assessment was just the tutorial, just come and participate in it to ensure you get a grade for it. The second assessment was individual dialogue research, you need to put effort on this as it was maximum 2000 words. The third assessment was group project in social innovation, this really depends on how your group works on this. It is recommended as an easy elective without many workloads.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023