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I took this unit as a broadening unit. It was really well run, and Sarah is so lovely. It was a nice reprive from the rest of my units, and I enjoyed getting to learn all the different techniques. The way the unit is structured, you spend the first 8 weeks learning a new skill every week (photography, arrangement, collage, printmaking etc). Then, the last four weeks you get to develop your own art piece for exhibition. My only gripe with the unit was just how much there was to do. Classes were 3 hrs long every week, you had to keep a running journal of everything you did each week and there was always work to take home and finish which sometimes took me a couple days! After that, the final project is incredibly time-consuming (although fun!!) an then you need to write an essay and design and manufacture a brochure. As a second-year law major, this unit took up the most time in my week. All that said, really good fun. I felt like I was a kid in art class again!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021