Integrated Principles of Zoology 18e


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Animal Function exam notes

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LOVED this unit. It's engaging and practical, and if you pick your tutorial class times right so much more beneficial (the smaller the class size the more time you get to ask questions). The unit coordinator actually wants everyone to learn the content more-so than half-do it and get assignments in on time and will happily work with you to sort out a compromise. Can be a bit confronting with the dissections towards the end but still a rewarding experience. Generally not all the lab work will get done in the lab session (theres usually a dissection/observation of live animals and then some microscope slide work to do) but the slides are always available in a separate lab which is open to our use (it is expected that you will do these if not finished in the lab time as there isn't really too much of a workload to make this unacceptable). As long as you keep up with lectures (especially the ones specific to the lab that happens that week) and have an interest in the topic (or even just remember the basic content) you will be able to do well in this unit. Another tip is to always keep the lab manual up to date (handing it in half way through and at the end is one of the assessments) otherwise you'll end up spending days doing it the week it is due trying to play catchup.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

One of the best courses so far for my degree best lecturer ever. Assignments are pretty chill as well

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018