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The chance to try out a career in research was initially appealing, however, the execution of this unit failed to engage myself and others. The course content looks like it was last updated about 10 years ago, and more guidance was required for assessment tasks (proposal, manuscript etc.), not on soft skills like 'teamwork' and 'cooperation' that we've received the same talks about every year of our formal education. There were no task sheets to direct the delegation of marks, and limited direction was given for the project manuscript, which was worth 40%. However, my supervisor was lovely, and the unit was an easy HD if you pay attention to the marking requirements. The statistics segment of the unit however was ineffective. We were taught to perform specific statistical tests, but most times students around me had no idea what they were doing, just followed instructions with no critical thinking or knowledge of what their results actually mean. This seems redundant - why not just make the unit STAT1400 a compulsory unit within the ANHB major? Overall not a great learning experience but cheers for the HD.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This unit is basically a mini-honours. You sign up to do a research project that ties in with your concurrent ANHB unit, in groups of about 7. If you get a good group, you'll have a pretty easy and fun semester. There's a statistics test (25%) later in semester after a bunch of statistics labs, and if you've paid attention in the labs, it's pretty easy to get 90+ in the test. Other assessments are fairly small and are mostly done together. Many parts of the final 40% manuscript are collaborative. HD-able unit if you pay attention to the assessment requirements.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Fun unit with practical hands-on experience to consolidate learning from other units.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013