Essential Reproduction 7E

Johnson, Martin H.

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Basic Concepts in Embryology

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Extracts Basic Concepts Of Embryology - Custom Publication

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ANHB2216 Human Reproductive Biology Complete Semester Notes

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Full semester notes, with images and diagrams to aid in memorisation of topics Topics covered: -...

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ANHB2216 Human Reproductive Biology Comprehensive Exam Notes

Written by Keely

Comprehensive notes covering the ANHB2216 lecture content for Semester 2 2018. Colourful, visually a...

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20% pre-lab + mcq quizzes > Just keep redoing to max out the score 25% individual essay > This was pretty challenging since they want you to come up with a novel contraceptive and express these ideas with peer-reviewed journals. 15% group presentation > Do invest more time into tidying up the presentation slides and equip yourself with the content knowledge to discuss a short question/answer segment 40% final exams > 25% mcq, 50% one-liner/short structured questions, 25% long-answer questions (5 questions of long answer) The one-liner questions were fairly easy since it didn't require you to discuss any process/concept. The mcq was challenging and had a few tricky questions. The long-answer questions were the hard components, but looking at the some parts of the mcq answers for inspiration help me with one or two of the long answer questions. Overall, great unit and would have given a 5/5 if not for the lack of emphasis on the teaching of the lab material. I think the tutorial focused more on the novel contraceptive in general and this meant that students have to catch up on the lab material on their own during the study period. One of the long answer questions was also based on the lab material that despite being in the lab book, wasn't really covered in detail. Best ANHB 2nd year unit, would recommend all to take this over ANHB2215, due to the easier exams and free marks from pre-lab/mcq. Not an easy HD, but really easy D, considering the free marks from mcq/pre-lab and high mean score of 17/25 for the individual essay and 11/15 for the novel contraceptive project.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

This is a great unit. Extremely well organised with some of the best co-ordinators I've ever experienced. The fortnightly quizzes are fair, and the group assignment is quite fun, the largest portion of which (the essay) is written and marked individually. There is a lot of content, but this isn't unusual for human biology units and should be easy enough to handle if you've done some before.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Great foundation for ANHB3316

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Great unit with amazing unit co-ordinators, however the content might be a difficult. It is difficult to keep up with all the weekly content.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014