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All lecture notes for the entire subject. Would not have been able to get a HD without these. TOP...

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Complete course notes for Neuroscience - thorough and detailed, covering every lecture topic and all...

78 pages, 30000 words

Neuroscience Lecture Notes Part 3/3

In depth detail from lectures and textbook Topics: Auditory and Vestibular Systems Emotion and...

50 pages, 9313 words

Neuroscience Lecture Notes Part 1/3

In depth detail from textbook. Topics: Introduction to Neuroscience, and the Nervous System M...

79 pages, 14637 words


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probably one of my favourite subjects in my course mainly due to the way the course was delivered. The topics are very fascinating, the lectures slides are not literally filled to the brim which allows you to actually research the topic at your own interest without making you feel overwhelmed when revision comes around.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

By far my favorite unit to teach at UTS. Theory is by no means a walk in the park, and prac's are a fantastic approach to learning the anatomy of the brain and nervous system. Students underestimate the level of knowledge that is required for this subject. Make sure you keep on-top of it every week. Read the lecture material ahead of time, download 'complete anatomy' and get to know the anatomy of the CNS/PNS, read up about key concepts explored.

Anonymous, Summer session, 2016