International Human Rights Law

Olivier De Schutter

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International Human Rights Law

Olivier De Schutter

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Comprehensive, colour coded final exam notes with comprehensive summaries of cases and principles....

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International Human Rights notes: 84 in subject

Comprehensive seminar notes for International Human Rights Law. These were compiled using the set te...

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International Human Rights Law - Whole Course and Texbook - High Distinction

International Human Rights Laws - Whole Semester Notes. High Distinction. Thorough in-class lecture...

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Roberto was a really cool guy, his lectures were actually quite interesting and the only reason I lost focus at times was because the class was at 9am on a Monday and lasted for 3 hours. Really enjoyable subject as long as you pay extreme attention in class, because the exam questions was based on really specific stuff he said in class. The subject isn't hard as long as you listen closely in class - otherwise it'll probably be a nightmare. Also the subject didn't have class participation which is always a plus.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2021