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Comprehensive HD Standard Evidence and Criminal Procedure Notes

Written by Saad

These comprehensive, well-structured and well-formatted set of notes cover all the topics (including...

107 pages, 42000 words

Evidence Exam Notes

Written by Steph

Extremely detailed & useful notes to follow throughout lectures, tutorials and the final exam - inc...

95 pages, 33166 words


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An experienced tutor of 10+ years and lawyer working for the Australian Government, achieving marks...


Tough, but interesting

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016

At first instance, this subject appeared to be very complex, confusing and incoherent. It initially came across as separate rules that were disjointed and often you were unable to see how it all fit in to place. This is not a subject that is substantive in terms of its application of a particular law, but rather it is an assembly of rules and steps that you go through to simply admit the evidence. Thankfully though it is a subject where if you are able to attend the tutorials (particularly the one with Althea as a tutor!) you will be in good stead to do well, as all the loose pieces of evidence manage to fit magically together into the bigger puzzle right making you finally realize the actual utility of the subject at the end! Also, make sure to do well in the assignment because it lessens the pressure for the finals.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014