Control of Government Action

Robin Creyke et al

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LexisNexis Questions and Answers - Administrative Law, 3rd Edition

Jeffrey Wilson Barnes, Roger Neil Douglas

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Government Accountability

Judith Bannister, Gabrielle Appleby, Anna Olijnyk, Joanna Howe

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Pearson Law Briefs Administrative Law


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Administrative Law

Roger Neil Douglas, Hayley Katzen

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Administrative Law

Michael Head

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Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law

Roger Neil Douglas, Melinda Jones

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Essential Administrative Law

Ian Ellis-Jones

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Government Accountability – Australian Administrative Law

Judith Bannister, Anna Olijnyk, Stephen McDonald

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Government Accountability – Australian Administrative Law

Judith Bannister, Anna Olijnyk, Stephen McDonald

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70617: Admin Law – Step-by-Step Guide to Answering Final Exam Problem Questions

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HD ADMIN NOTES: very detailed, all you will need

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SKELETON STRUCTURES FOR ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. Usually, the lecturer will decide whether or not the exa...

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Administrative Law - step by step guide to answering judicial review problem questions (mark: 85% HD)

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Concise (yet Detailed) Admin Law Notes - perfect for problem questions!

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Admin Law HD Notes w/ Mind Maps for the Final Exam - 86

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Comprehensive HD Standard Admin Law Notes

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Administrative Exam Notes/Answer Scaffolds - HD 88%

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Complex bulky contextual subject and requires you yo keep up with the weekly readings and assessments to remain on top of it. Once you get your head around the procedural aspects and rules it is much more manageable and digestible with a coordinator who was not only approachable but also very helpful. Final exam was also manageable if you had kept up with your notes and attending classes.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2017

Olivia is a great lecturer / tutor. The subject itself is a little dry with some difficult concepts to grasp. Most students should pass without difficulty though.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed this subject. It is one that focuses on substantive law rather than procedural rules like Evidence and Criminal Procedure. There are two main components Judicial Review and Merit Review. Both main topics contain a step by step procedure to follow and it appears very systematic in addressing a problem question. It contains a class participation component, problem question assignment and final exam. The final exam this semester required a lot in a limited period of time i.e. two theory based questions and a problem question (with 4 10 mark questions) so it is a good idea to try your best during the semester in those two assessment tasks. Both the tutors and lecturers are very helpful and deliver the content in a digestible manner.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014