Lawyers in Australia

Ainslie Lamb, John Littrich, Karina Murray

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Lawyers in Australia

Ainslie Lamb, John Littrich, Karina Murray

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Lawyers' Professional Responsibility

Gino Evan Dal Pont

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Lawyers in Australia

Ainslie Lamb, John Littrich, Karina Murray

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Ethics and Legal Professionalism in Australia

Baron, Paula

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Principles and Practice of Australian Law

Elizabeth Ellis

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Lawyers in Australia

Ainslie Lamb, John Littrich, Karina Murray

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Lawyers in Australia

Ainslie Lamb, John Littrich, Karina Murray

For sale by Poppy for $30

Ethics and Legal Professionalism in Australia

Baron, Paula

For sale by Molly for $50

Principles and Practice of Australian Law

Elizabeth Ellis

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Distinction Complete Notes - Ethics, Law & Justice

Written by Annabelle

2017 exam notes for UTS subject Ethics, Law & Justice. NOT skeleton notes, but 74 pages of compl...

74 pages, 17000 words

Ethics, Law and Justice - Comprehensive Course Notes + Relevant Legislation throughout

Written by Annalise

These comprehensive notes cover the entirety of the relevant, assessable content for Ethics, Law and...

69 pages, 27660 words

Distinction Ethics Law and Justice Exam Notes

Written by Soph

Summarised, structured exam notes All readings, cases, legislation included - colourcoded Useful...

42 pages, 20302 words

Textbook + Seminar Ethics law and justice notes- Distinction

Written by Natasha

- Professional identity - Ethics, Justice and the law - Access to Justice - Admission, regulatio...

42 pages, 13311 words

70103 - Ethics Law and Justice - D

Written by Kate

These extensive notes include information taken from seminars, various textbooks, seminar reading ma...

70 pages, 25766 words

Thorough 2017 Ethics, Law & Justice Notes

Written by Naomi

These notes are extremely thorough and cover all the compulsory readings (plus extra suggested readi...

86 pages, 33952 words

Ethics Law and Justice complete subject/exam notes (mark: 82%)

Written by Loren

I have summarised all the content for subject 70103 into notes. It contains all subject materials fr...

55 pages, 21402 words

Ethics Law and Justice Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Notes in order of sources from the Seminar Reading Materials. Covers the following topics: - Pro...

40 pages, 18270 words

Extensive Distinction Notes for Ethics, Law and Justice

Written by Gretel

Extensive notes for Ethics, Law and Justice, comprehensively covering all topics on a week by week b...

39 pages, 13925 words

Comprehensive Subject Exam Notes- DISTINCTION

Written by Sumaiya

Easy-to-read format. Headings are differentiated and pages are numbered, so you won't need to try a...

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Had to do the subject because I chose the business law (foundations of law) stream. The subject was boring and was geared towards law students. I mean it was applicable in the sense that you learned about general ethical principles and APES (which is recurring in Audit). You will enjoy it if you're a law student and have strong opinions or are into large open discussions. I don't therefore it was difficult for me to enjoy it. They should just make a business ethics course for students doing the major I did.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

Enjoyed it because of classmates and the group I got for my assignments. Actual content is manageable, not too bad

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

So. Much. Fun. Seriously. I had a brilliant, lively teacher who made my weekly 3-hour seminars not only tolerable, but the highlight of my academic week! However, my friend had a not-so-energetic teacher who turned this subject into her own personal living hell. The readings are easy and most of the content is commonsense to anyone with basic ethics and morals. The cases are interesting, and the subject overall really gets you thinking about what values you hold close in the personal and professional spheres of your life. TIPS: 1. Do your readings - they are probably the easiest readings you will get in any of the Priestly 11 subjects. This subject involves A LOT of class discussion and hypothetical situations. Don't play yourself into being the class idiot. 2. Speak up in class - participation is marked, and every mark counts towards getting that HD. This is also a great class to make friends in as you really get to know your classmates through their philosophy and personal stance on many controversial issues. 3. Take notes throughout the semester - this is a relatively laid back subject, but it can be content heavy learning all of the regulations and formalities that are expected of legal professionals. Final exam is open book, so make sure you do them right! Good luck, and here's hoping you get a good teacher!

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

I was super excited to do this subject - but it ended up being a massive let down. The seminars are poorly organised and there seems to be no greater overarching consistency across the semester. The seminar format is poor and the never-ending self-reflective assessments are ridiculous. This is perhaps one of the few subjects where I believe a class participation mark would be beneficial to the subject but ELJ currently doesn't have one. My experience in this subject was really poor which is upsetting because it contains important content for later years and had potential to be a great subject.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016

Very interesting, too rushed. Felt a bit clueless end of semester entering into exams

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Offering quite the respite from the uninteresting co-introductory law subject, Foundations of Law (Subject Code: 70102), Ethics, Law and Justice is quite an interesting subject. Perhaps introducing an ethics course is necessary, and I thought it would be boring going off the name, but it is quite an interesting subject, in which you look at practical situations, discuss intriguing hypothetical questions etcetera. It is a subject which flourishes on discussion and having only the one three hour class a week, as oppose to two sessions of two hour classes means you won't get bored of this subject quickly. Complete your readings so you're prepared to discuss! 20% of your mark comes from class participation and the group assignment (another fun task where you can research a topic of your choice related to ethics and present it to the class in whatever way you want, a talk show, a quiz, a PowerPoint, a role-play interview style etcetera). The final exam is open book and hones in on the important concepts discussed during the course; and you must reference the sources in your answers during the exam (using the last name and page number). Be prepared and enjoy the subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014