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Principles of Forensic Science SUMMARY notes

Written by Britany

These notes are summaries of all the lecture during the semester. Perfect for studying. Topics co...

19 pages, 7885 words

Principles of Forensic Science WORKSHOP notes

Written by Britany

In the final exam, you are examined on knowledge gained during the workshops. Here are my notes from...

9 pages, 2650 words

Law Lecture Notes - Principles of Forensic Science

Written by Katarina

These notes include notes based on the Law lectures (7-10) which 15 marks are based on for the final...

19 pages, 5649 words

Forensic Detailed Notes

Written by Sonia

Concise Notes for 65242

33 pages, 7620 words

Principles of Forensic Science

Written by Steph

I love loved this subject, and took really detailed notes from all of the lectures. I've included pi...

25 pages, 7256 words


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