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This is the most blatant example of UTS's obvious lack of concern about actually educating students. Do a quiz correctly? Sorry, have a 0 unless you ask to be marked again. Yes, I work in the industry, I understand the importance of automatic testing and how to write code for it. Guess what helps automatic testing? Tests that tell you what you've done wrong. I didn't sign up to pay whatever insane rate this subject goes for to be sent to a linkedIn c++ course, which by the way we have not been educated on. In fact let's get started on the expectations of this subject: Learn C++ from scratch (as in learning about for loops and vectors week 1), then write algorithms which are time consuming and if they're assumed knowledge, why are they not provided. Am I here to learn C++, mechatronics systems or algorithms? Again, it seems the goal of this subject isn't to educate, but to sap you of your cash and time. It really seems this subject, alongside mechatronics 2, has mistaken self guided learning with minimal staff effort. The kicker is, without student unions in this day and age, this subject will never change and we are forced to go through it in order to get the most irrelevant degree in Australia.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2021

Realising that the Mechatronics Stream at UTS is bad, and this is where it reaches its peak. Disorganised to the point where even correct answers get marked as wrong in quizzes. A lack of initiative from staff to the point where there is a heavy reliance on Linkedin learning rather than actual teaching. You are expected to be proficient in C++ with the onset of this course, a language which isn't covered in any other pre-requisite to this. Doesn't matter though, it's expected you know it and if not, do they teach you? No. They'll link you to a Linkedin learning course though. The subject is really bad, the staff don't care, they might seem nice but if they cared, they wouldn't be running a course this way every semester. Yes, students are expected to put in the work to do well. But even when doing so and being right, you'll get marked wrong anyway and you'll have to apply for a review to get marked properly. Their goal was never to provide a good course, it's to provide an automated system that they can constantly reuse. Makes me wonder why students don't just get a Linkedin learning premium account or sign up to some cheap course on Udemy. The content there is of a better quality compared to this subject and at large the entire mechatronics stream.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2021