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It is an amazing subject. It covers the fundamentals of complex analysis. I found the subject fairly challenging in various parts of the semester. It is a complete step up from Mathematical modelling 2.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2020

Had a different lecturer than the usual so the course was a little different. However, overall it was easier than if we had the original lecturer. The outline: Weekly quizzes 10% [Just study the past quizzes and make sure you understand it well and you will do well] Tutorial 10% [Try your best to answer all the questions. A mark is given for a decent attempt for each week] Class test 20% [Go through the quizzes and past papers and understand the different concepts] Final 60% [By the class test you'll know about 70% of the content already. Just have to study the last parts] The good thing about the lecturer I had was that if you didn't perform in the class test or quizzes you could redeem yourself by acing the final. So your final score was the maximum of either the sum of the quizzes, class test, tutorial and final or the score of your final. So if your final you got 90% but if you summed it with the quizzes, class test and tutorials you got 85% then the 90% will be your score.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014