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Web Systems - Exam Notes

Written by Jonathan

Comprehensive study notes that cover all lectures and includes information on Boolean algebra and nu...

8 pages, 2062 words

31268 - Web Systems - High Quality Complete Notes + BONUS

Written by Alex

2018 latest content. Very high quality, detailed yet concise notes. Includes examples, diagrams and...

17 pages, 4924 words


Written by E

Just completed Spring semester 2015 of 31268. Notes are up to date with current lectures and tutoria...

25 pages, 6843 words

Web Systems Notes

Written by Sophie

Very detailed, well structured notes covering the main eleven topics learnt throughout the course of...

31 pages, 7553 words

31268 Web Systems Final Exam Notes

Written by Kimberley

Summarised, detailed notes of the subject's lectures, tutorials and further research throughout the...

20 pages, 5435 words

Web Systems Exam Notes

Written by Shivani

Contains extensive summaries of each of the chapters from the lecture slides, textbook, and tutorial...

18 pages, 3747 words


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Web systems is an amazing subject. Great review from HSC IPT as well as a great starting point for people who are still new to information technology in general!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2012