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31258 Innovations for Global Relationship Management HD Notes

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31258 Innovations for Global Relationship Management HD Detailed Notes

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I still don't understand what this subject is supposed to teach us but it is a core so you have to do it. The Content: Pretty simple and easy. The only new thing I learnt was supply chain management. Any new concepts are easy to learn and there are tons of great YouTube videos out there to help you. Textbook: NOT NECESSARY. Stick to the internet and the lecture slides. More-so the internet. The Lecturer: SUPER NICE. SUPER HELPFUL. Assignments: They've stayed pretty much the same since 2011 so if you have any friends who've done the subject before, ask them for help but you can't really copy the assignment because its based on individual research. Tip: NEVER choose Google as your company. Tutorial: Marked attendance. If you don't have friends in the tutorial, find another 2 people that are good workers. It'll help with the assignments. All in all, pretty boring subject but there is a lot of potential to score a HD.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014