Mathematics for Economics and Business

Ian Jacques

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Mathematics for Economics and Business

Ian Jacques

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Anonymous, Summer session, 2018

This is one of my favourite subjects on this degree! Even though I am scared of Maths but I have to pick this subject due to some reasons. At first, I thought it will be awful but I am wrong. The first few lectures are relatively easy and based on some high school general knowledge like simultaneous equation, linear and quadratic function. Then, there are some matrix and derivative which I thought it will be difficult but it was not that bad. The reason is the lecture and tutorial each week will guide you through all the concepts in an easy manner. I have Dr Benjamin Balzer as my subject coordinator and he is awesome. He is really kind, helpful and able to reply to your email to assist you within a few hours. He gives you a great guide and even set a consultation with him when you need help. To conclude, this subject is well prepared, lecture and tutor is extremely good and the exam is not that difficult! Once you complete it, this subject will help you build maths concept for other economic too! So, I highly recommend this subject when you take the Economic major.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2020

Good basic math subject

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

Mainly just basis math like optimisation and matrices. If you like math, do this course. If you want to improve your basic math for other economic units, do this course as well. It's not challenging and just like every other math course, practice makes perfect.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Great introductory course to financial statistics.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017