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The subject was fine but I was glad to reach the end of the semester. I found the subject to be saturated with content. I do not feel the volume of content lead to further learning, and if anything it had the opposite effect. Assessment briefs were long but vague. For example one brief was 1000 words and the reflective essay had 1000 word limit. The lecturer marked quite differently to most others I have experienced. He seemed to value verbose explanations and going on tangents as opposed to developing a structured argument acknowledging various standpoints while focusing on a few key areas to keep within word limits. There was a large individual essay, a group assignment and then an additional individual reflection essay on the group experience on top of an exam. I thought the last reflective assessment was a little excessive especially considering it's weighting. There was also an odd skew to marks with the final exam carrying a heavy weighting and the lead up assessments that required a lot of work carrying little value by comparison. The final exam was open book which was more of a curse than a blessing as obviously there is a higher expectation on acknowledging the sources of your argument, even if referencing is not required. In 2 hours there is not enough time to write 3 quality essays and flick through journal articles and relevant theory to find suitable information to back up the questions.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014