Human Resource Management

Alan R. Nankervis, Marian Baird, Jane Coffey, John Shields

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Human Resource Management: Strategy and Practice

Nankervis, Alan

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Human Resource Management: Strategy and Practice

Nankervis, Alan

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Employment Relations

Bray Waring Cooper, Mark Bray, Peter Arnold Waring, Rae Cooper

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Human Resource Management Notes

Written by Monica

My notes summarise the lecture notes and textbook chapters. They are perfect for the mid sem/fin...

21 pages, 5015 words

21555 Human Resource Management Lecture Notes (All materials in these notes are assessable)

Written by Guang

Excellent, high quality notes for subject 21555: Human Resource Management. All content in notes are...

33 pages, 9371 words

Human Resource Management Notes

Written by Katie

Human Resource Management Notes. Lectures 1-12. Clear and easy to read.

43 pages, 7253 words

Human Resource Management, book chapter summaries

Written by Filippo

These are summaries of each chapter faced in lectures time. Each chapter is summarized without negl...

116 pages, 32804 words

Human Resource Management (21555) - Fantastic Notes!

Written by Darren

These 21555 (Human Resource Management) notes have been fully checked and have no mistakes. They are...

22 pages, 3897 words

Human Resource Management Notes

Written by Rachel

This document covers questions and answers from lectures 1-11 (2016)

14 pages, 3977 words

Human Resources Management Notes

Written by Louise

Concise notes highlighting the key point of all topics covered in the course, 21555 Human Resources...

15 pages, 2442 words

Human Resources Management

Written by Nin

Combined lecture and chapter notes from entire semester.

20 pages, 6162 words


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Ben is a great lecturer! love him! very straightforward for each week and recap for us every 5 weeks! Also, a good instruction for the final exam! Very clear and easy to follow!

Anonymous, Spring session, 2016

Great subject and great lecturer (Sarah Kaine)! Well structured classes and easy to learn topics from week to week, which makes it very straightforward to study for. Assessments are all carried out in class, however they had considerably low weighting for the amount of time dedicated to them - especially in comparison to the final exam (50%).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014