Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice 3ed

Pitsis, Martin Kornberger and Tyrone

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Organization Theory and Design

Jonathan Murphy, Richard L. Daft, Hugh Willmott

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THEORY SUMMARIES: Understanding Organisations Theory and Practice

Written by Danna

Summaries of organisational theories: - Scientific Management - Contingency Theory - Bureaucracy...

11 pages, 2924 words

21512: Understanding Organisations: Theory and Practice

Written by Olivia

- Detailed Summary of Understanding Organisations notes of the theories required for classes. - T...

10 pages, 4943 words

Understanding Theory and Organisations

Written by Nin

Complete summary of 13 weeks lecture content and tutorial discussions, including research on final e...

11 pages, 3816 words


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Great, easy and interesting

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2018

Macro is a great prof, giving clear examples to make the complex theory out. It's a more practical subjects actually although all i learnt is theory, but it helps me to analyse.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016