Management Essentials

Robbins, De Cenzo, Coulter, Woods

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Developing Management Skills, Global Edition

David A. Whetten, Kim S. Cameron

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Management Skills Notes (21440)

Written by Suugloria

Detailed TEXTBOOK CHAPTER NOTES AND LECTURE NOTES Topics covered: Lecture 2 – Self-awareness Lect...

50 pages, 12257 words

Management Skills - HD notes

Written by Jessica

Detailed notes that incorporates readings, case studies, and diagrams to enhance your understanding....

64 pages, 13422 words

Summarised HD Management Skills HD Notes (21440)

Written by Nathan

Summarised HD Management Skills HD Notes (21440) Great notes for assignments and final exam. Inclu...

20 pages, 3490 words

Management Skills Subject Notes (21440)

Written by Skye

SPRING SESSION 2019 SUBJECT NOTES - Detailed yet easy to read and comprehend - Notes derived from...

29 pages, 8053 words

Mgmt Skills: Succinct Academic scholar's Distinction notes!!!

Written by Aidan

Topics Include: - Foundations of self-knowledge (self-Awareness, personality theories, basic brain...

9 pages, 2782 words

Management Skills Notes

Written by Taylor

These notes include all lecture slides as well as additional information from the textbook. Topic...

22 pages, 8642 words

21440 Management Skills - HD Notes

Written by Kimberly

All notes covered for each week during the semester. Includes notes from lectures, readings, tutoria...

38 pages, 17543 words

Management Skills Course/Exam Notes

Written by Vanessa

This is my compilation of detailed notes from lectures and tutorials. Diagrams are included. Not...

37 pages, 7477 words

Management Skills (21440) - Fantastic Notes!

Written by Darren

These 21440 (Management Skills) notes have been fully checked and have no mistakes. They are perfect...

8 pages, 1392 words


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This is a great subject. The assessments are great and it's easy to get good grades in this subject if you're diligent.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

The only thing i wanna say is the individual essay. It's totally horrible!!! Strongly recommended to start it 3 weeks before due! It do like the group work but not for individual, anyway... it's a quiet interesting experience.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2016