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This was a really disorganised course. Only saving grace was Angie the tutor who tried really hard to get to know everyone and help you. Couldn't stand the lecturer Greg Patmore.... Probably one of the most arrogant lecturers i've ever had for a subject. He used the 2 hour lectures to navel-gaze at his own achievements and how he is apparently great at everything. Constantly uses examples to TRY and make course content relevant but uses examples from his own life that no one else can relate to or that just further reinforce his deluded mindset. Ironically, for someone who claims to be "really good at reading the emotional needs of people and students" he did a piss-poor job of noticing everyone falling asleep in his lectures... and when he did, he blamed it on the content and the fact that "Students in this generation are all about immediate gratification so i can't help if you find this boring". Ugh. Essay question in the exam was about a topic we barely studied (i'm taking one topic in a list of 7, in a dot-point on one slide at the very beginning of the year - honestly, i used info from OTHER courses to answer the questions. Although, instead of reading time you were allowed to plan your essays so that was a major plus. Wouldn't recommend, content is pretty boring and straight forward. If you do a junior psychology/sociology unit and maybe some other WORK or marketing units, there is nothing new in this course.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014