PSYC3020 Lecture, Tutorial & Reading Notes (HD)

Written by Nishat

- Comprehensive lecture & tutorial notes for the topics: 1. Organisational psychology 2. Consumer...

217 pages, 72407 words

PSYC3020 lecture notes [Complete & comprehensive!]

Written by Christobel

Comprehensive lecture notes Covers topics: - Organisational psychology - consumer psychology -...

199 pages, 40872 words

PSYC3020 Notes (HD)

Written by Avnee

- Notes from PSYC3020 Semester 2 2015 - Received a 91 for the unit with these notes - Combination...

53 pages, 19791 words

Comprehensive PSYC3020 Lecture/Exam Notes

Written by Nicki

These notes contain a complete and comprehensive summary of all lecture notes and topics discussed i...

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Written by Monica

Comprehensive notes that helped by get 90 for the unit. Includes graphs and diagrams for easy learni...

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Psychological Science Notes (ALL lectures, readings, tutorials) - HD

Written by Sophia

Comprehensive lecture notes from HD student including diagrams and learning outcomes where relevant...

238 pages, 69154 words

Summarised Notes

Written by Casey

Lecture and tutorial notes from Applications of Psychological Science

68 pages, 22552 words

PSYC3020: Comprehensive lecture notes, including textbook notes, diagrams and pictures

Written by Bianca

Comprehensive notes that cover the whole course. They are very helpful when used alongside lectures....

74 pages, 34664 words

PSYC3020 HD Comprehensive and Detailed Study Notes

Written by Rachel

Comprehensive, synthesized notes from lecture and tutorial material, written in plain, easily unders...

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PSYC3020 Exam Notes

Written by Hannah

I received a distinction overall in PSYC3020 and an HD in the exam using these notes. Comprehens...

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A lot to take in but definitely interesting. Lecturers and tutors are so helpful and funny at times.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this subject. It was interesting but fast paced. There is a LOT of information to learn and memorise, and while the content is straight forward, the sheer amount of content can trip up anyone who doesn't take the need to study seriously. Overall, well run, interesting, and recommended.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

A great subject where you can take all the theories and methods you have learned in previous units and apply them to the real world. For example, you learn about how goal setting and reinforcement can apply in the workplace and how models of memory apply to eyewitnesses of crime. Personally, I was slightly disappointed that the majority of the course is focused on health psych, as I preferred the other two (forensic and organisational). Nevertheless, the subject is generally very interesting and may provide further insight into the ways you can apply your psych knowledge after you graduate.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Best psychology unit to date- the course content involved forensic, consumer, organisational and health psychology, with a heavy focus on the latter. Although there was limited guidance on the essay, and no sample SAQs on the final, still relatively easy to get a good mark. Tutorials were extremely engaging and really developed your 'application' of psychological knowledge.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Very interesting subject, would have preferred more time studying forensic psych tho, and less on health psych.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013

One of the more interesting psych electives, with lots of interesting topics such as forensic, organisational and health psychology. However, don't underestimate it, because it's not an easy subject. It was my worst mark out of all my 3rd year psych electives (high Pass)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2012