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COMPLETE PSYC3017 (Social Psychology) Notes HD MARKS

Written by Izabella

These study notes also include website links/names of readings, along with screens shotted images fr...

84 pages, 23432 words

PSYC3017 lecture notes [Complete & comprehensive!]

Written by Christobel

Covers topics: - social psychology in crisis - existential approach to social psychology - diffe...

144 pages, 28259 words

PSYC3017 Notes (HD)

Written by Avnee

-Notes from PSYC2017 Semester 1 2015 -Combination of lecture notes and readings -Concise focus on...

26 pages, 10193 words

PSYC3017 Social Psychology Notes

Written by Rachel

This document is a complete summary of the entire course's lecture content - all thirteen weeks - an...

91 pages, 28074 words

PSYC3017 Lecture Notes

Written by Rachel

This document is a complete summary of the entire course's lecture content and is organised by lectu...

87 pages, 27432 words

Complete Exam summary notes, in SAQ form

Written by Natasha

Comprehensive notes written in SAQ form, which is very helpful for the final exam.

38 pages, 19092 words

Social Psychology in a Nutshell

Written by Adrian

A comprehensive collation of the 2016 PSY3017 lecture content. These study notes are extremely ea...

51 pages, 17636 words

HD Complete PSYC3017 + bonus practice questions

Written by Clare

Complete content notes for PSYC3017 written by an HD student on an Outstanding Achievers Scholarship...

62 pages, 27000 words

PSYC3017: Social Psychology - Notes

Written by Bianca

Concise notes that cover the whole course. Very helpful when used alongside lectures. The notes are...

44 pages, 24609 words

Social Psychology Notes

Written by Victoria

A good summary of all the lectures that are covered and ended up doing quite well in the exam with a...

67 pages, 22957 words


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Great content, awful tutors. Steer clear of this course unless it's a requirement for your program.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

This is legitimately the worst subject you could ever do in a Psychology degree. Terrible terrible tutors and rubbish feedback given on a group assessment that counts for almost 50% of your mark. If you get in a bad group, then you will get no higher than a credit. If you get a bad tutor, say hello to a pass. If you do well past those points, then say goodbye to a decent mark in the final exam, they quiz you on THE most irrelevant content. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Group work was not as bad as i thought it'd be. i actually worked with some fun kids. lectures were pretty interesting and worth coming to. final exam kind of hard but more than passable if you study well for it i think.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Ah, group work, the bane of university. However, don't be deterred from this unit just because of this - this unit really keeps everything fair and structured so you'll probably end up enjoying the group component instead. Final exam difficult as no possible SAQs given. However, for those thinking of going into honours, I would highly recommend as this is the one course they take you through EVERYTHING about how to write a good report (e.g. APA formatting, intro, method structure- if only this had been done in 1st year...)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015