Cognitive Psychology

Michael W. Eysenck, Mark T. Keane

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Developmental Psychology

Fiona Ann White, Brett Kenneth Hayes, David James Livesey

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Developmental Psychology: From Infancy to Adulthood

White, Fiona et al

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Cognitive Psychology

Eysenck, Michael

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Cognitive Psychology


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Cognitive Psychology

Michael W. Eysenck, Mark T. Keane

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Cognitive Psychology

Eysenck, Michael

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Cognitive Psychology

Michael W. Eysenck, Mark T. Keane

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Cognitive Psychology

Eysenck, Michael

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Cognitive Psychology

Eysenck, Michael

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Cognitive and Social Psychology Notes - PSYC2013 (High Distinction Achieved)

Written by Amira

Comprehensive notes taken from ALL lectures throughout the semester (WK1-13) Topics: Memory, atte...

107 pages, 34101 words

PSYC2013 lecture notes [Complete & comprehensive!]

Written by Christobel

Covers topics: - cognitive processes - social psychology - developmental psychology Very com...

270 pages, 38647 words

Cognitive and Social Psychology Notes (PSYC2013, Final Mark: 80)

Written by Lauren

Clear and comprehensive lecture notes covering every topic and lecture in the subject. - Cognition...

130 pages, 34235 words

PSYC2013 Complete Set of Notes! [COMPREHENSIVE]

Written by Samantha

A very organised, comprehensive and logical set of notes! Includes summary of all lecture topics and...

100 pages, 26169 words

PSYC2013 Cognitive, Social & Developmental Summaries

Written by Dayna

Well organised notes which cover all the material you need to know by topic. Written in a concise...

71 pages, 23623 words

Detailed PSYC2013 Notes (Distinction)

Written by Katharine

Detailed notes covering all topics of the course. Helpful for revision and ensuring understanding of...

98 pages, 22397 words

PSYC2013 Notes (HD)

Written by Avnee

Concise and detailed set of notes from Semester 2 2014. -Mix of notes from both lectures and the co...

30 pages, 12310 words

Cognitive and Social Psychology - PSYC2013

Written by Samantha

Very detailed notes combining the lectures, tutorials and textbook. Includes diagrams.

80 pages, 33850 words

PSYC2013 HD notes + bonus tutorial material

Written by Clare

Notes written by Bachelor of Psychology student on an Outstanding Achievers Scholarship (ATAR 99.95)...

101 pages, 43000 words

⇒ Detailed PSYC2013: Cognitve and Social Psychology Notes with Diagrams ⇐

Written by Ayesha

My notes are based on accessible lecture content with consideration of readings. Every lecture co...

80 pages, 14384 words


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I'd have happily skipped the social aspects of this unit, however the cognitive aspects were good. Caleb is a great lecturer - interesting, engaging and funny!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

I really enjoyed the majority of this second year psychology unit. The social lectures were for me, the most enjoyable. Cognition was similarly interesting but quite challenging to study - a lot of memorisation required. The only real area of improvement would be the developmental lectures, which were quite dry.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Overall a really interesting subject in particular the social psych content. It really opens your eyes to how the social world operates and how concepts are applied in various aspects of life. Also cognitive was interesting with attention lectures and in particular the assignment for cognitive was really educational in learning how to attentional abilities perform under pressure. One beneficial thing I learnt was that memory recall is more better in the long run when you take your own notes rather than type it up verbatim on the laptop. The memory lectures highlighted that point. Problem solving lectures was really great in breaking down how the human mind makes decisions and solves problems. Really interesting subject, lecturers were great in teaching the subject and if you really focus throughout the semester you can do well in the assessments and exam. Definitely can say I took a lot from that course.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

A manageable subject, even though the developmental psychology lectures were painfully dry.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

The BEST 2nd year topic- whilst Lisa is no longer teaching a USYD the content is still as interesting and basic!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

I guess it was ok, Necessary to major. If you compare it to PSYC2014, it was a little less organised -When it came to the final exam there was no support! PSYC2014 actually gave you a big list of questions that could be chosen for the extended response section, whereas PSYC2013 did not give you anything at all. This made it difficult to deal with the ALMOST 40 LECTURES that you have to somehow summarise (i'm dead serious). If you want to do both PSYC2014 and 2013, be prepared that both exams are notoriously on the same day. Despite this unit being worth the exact same amount of credit points as many others (6), you literally did 3x the work/content. If you struggled with 1st year psychology and content DO NOT DO SECOND YEAR PSYCHOLOGY. It will not get easier. All Lecturers are pretty decent except Sally who was really quite boring. Lisa Zadro of course was amazing... but that was her last year lecturing so if you wanted to do social psychology purely because of Zadro, you're a year too late.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014