Rang and Dale's Pharmacology

Rod J. Flower

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Rang and Dale's Pharmacology

Rod J. Flower

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Pharmacology 2011 Notes

A culmination of textbook notes, lecture notes and notes from readings and tutorials. Sectioned into...

49 pages, 5782 words

Comprehensive Lecture Notes PCOL2011

This set of notes covers all lecture material - from Module 1 to Module 4. Please note Module 1 is a...

64 pages, 11135 words

HD (86): PCOL2011 Pharmacology Fundamentals Notes

I am an Advanced Science student at USYD and these notes enabled me to get a High Distinction mark i...

84 pages, 22771 words

HD PCOL2011 Notes With Everything You Need to Know For Exam

In-depth notes on the entire PCOL2011 course including simplified explanations for complicated topic...

71 pages, 11609 words


The notes I am providing include detailed explanations of critical concepts that are aimed to help y...

190 pages, 38664 words

High Distinction PCOL2011 Notes

These notes provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of all examinable content in the PCOL2011...

43 pages, 13390 words

High Quality PCOL2011 Notes

These are organised based on drugs, physiological processes and definitions. I found that this was t...

22 pages, 6000 words

High Distinction Study Notes for PCOL2011

Detailed, thorough lecture notes on every topic for PCOL2011.

137 pages, 20000 words

(HD) Pharmacology Fundamentals (PCOL2011) Notes

This is a complete set of notes for the Pharmacology Fundamentals (PCOL2011) course offered at the U...

100 pages, 15866 words


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Content heavy, but very intellectually stimulating. This subject provides you with a wider understanding of pharmacology without missing out detail as with other fundamental/introductory courses. Keeping up to date with the content will really help you in this subject as the workload builds up drastically up to and during stuvac. If you like House MD/are watching House MD then this subject will be bomb.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Super amazing subject! Taking this subject (having never taken anything like it before) made me totally fall in love with pharmacology. I'm about to start my third year majoring in pharmacology and plan to continue it as a postgrad. Essentially, yes - it is a difficult subject. But really only because you're navigating a completely field of science - like anything else, it gets easier! (remember when you thought learning what DNA bases were was hard?). What is lacks in simplicity it more than makes up for in incredibly interesting content. If you're looking for a bludge, this isn't it, but if you're after learning a completely new set of skills that will be weirdly awesome and applicable to every other subject you do in science at the cost of a little work on your part, sign yourself up!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

This was the worst organised subject I have ever done. The content is a little hard but the lecturers made it seem so much harder. Some lecturers would come in without even knowing what is in their notes, some of the had diagrams that just made things harder to understand. I also think that they needed to do the components in a different order to give us more background knowledge instead of just launching us into strange receptor names and mechanisms of actions. It was only in stuvac realise how interesting the content was. Such a shame.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

Some interesting stuff, but pretty hard stuff because there seems to be assumed knowledge that you don't really get in first year. Workshops and labs are pretty good, lectures are just pretty hard.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014