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very unclear and inaudible lecture recordings given by Paul. your best watching YouTube and it will do a better job explaining and can actually hear what us being said as have not been able to listen to a single lecture at all. I even played it for friends who work as nurses and they also where confused and shocked at how inaudible they where and very low budget quality. each week there is a huge difficulty in understanding the audio like its muffle sounds with no clear pronunciation. you don't understand at all what is being said after replaying the lecture recording 4 times wasting hours of my time when it should have been recored clearly in the first place so can hear it once and take notes. very poor form here. just like other reviews on here I think it is so funny when they say ask mentioned and as I thought you, but that's a lie as they did not mention anything and did not teach us anything. its google and YouTube that did. Not be cohesive and no flow always jumping around, not sure why he dose not just read of a paper like all the other lectures who give a lecture. the fact he can't present in a succinct format is questionable. noticeably for the week 9 lecture it was all over the place and very scrambled, not sure what was happening , but very poor form. If could attach lecture recordings for evidence would be better. Literally no point Mike Smith giving a lecture all about law when this is a nursing degree and just coping and paste definitions from google which when searched where the same as the ones on his slide. Should not be a 2 hour lecture could be easily be condensed to 20-30 minutes if all he is doing is reading definitions. They need to re train the staff on how to educate as they just can't and are clueless.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

the lecturer Paul Beckett is abysmally bad. Andrea McCloughen needs to be fired also. The lectures where just overkill and badly given. On the powerpoint it had many points but in the lectures just touched based on one or two of them and said to not worry about the others or will be spoken about later (that never happened). Not sure if Andrea trying to trick us and not educate us with the information as its her job to and wants to fail us, or just being purely lazy and not want to but left the slide as it is with that information on. Andrea mentioned how drugs will be taken about in different lecture, but kept introducing them and talked about them so it sends very mixed signals throughout the lecture. When Andrea gave examples when talking about mental disorder she kept giving around 20 signs and symptoms for each, but then just mention 1 or two. This again is confusing and no sure if she is being shady and want to trick and fail us. Heres some advice, how about you cut it down to the most common 5 or something to make it easier. Not executed efficiently at all, she would have pre-recorded this so it could have been watched earlier as have tutorials for the class that day making it difficult and unfair to not have the content available prior to class. Just horrible unit that I do not see any connection to my nursing degree at all and should be am optional unit as elective to take for those who want to. It is ironic as it is a mental subject class, but they want they teach this unit literally makes me slit my wrists and want to kill myself as its no disengaging and poorly executed that I would rather someone kill me then have to go through content delivered in a low rent manner. Again need to have options to includes images and video clips to again show the evidence of the many occurrences that Andrea just did a bad job at what she calls lecturing and not educating. Andrea clearly got lazy towards the halfway and literally read every word on slide and not teaching us anything new that was on the slide taken and copied from other sources I would definitely say. If if says she has the experience in the field , should you be able to just give the information without having to read from slides? The extensive reference list shows all the information probably where its copied and pasted from.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

The delivery of the contents is absolutely terrible. Cynthia Delgado literally made me want to kill myself with how poorly and disgraceful this lecture was given. I can't understand the lecture at all because she is talking in a mumbling and muffling and very unclear way. Only in first week and it's abysmal to see people who are supposed to be experts in their fields struggling to explain and teach us concepts simply just overcomplicating everything is shocking. How am I suppose to learn when the content is not taught efficiently and properly? It is like they are trying to bombard you to fail you off the bat. The lecturer Cynthia Delgado needs to be fired ASAP and replaced with an academic that is better. She likes to skip slides as she ran out of time, which if she stopped waffling and did her job properly would not have to at all in the first place. She talks in circles like a horse race and goat rodeo that goes in circles over and over again before getting to any point. The slides literally all say the same thing one after the other repeating the same content making it not appealing at all. In in the space of 30 minutes the point is made in the last minute with the other information basically irrelevant and hearsay making note taking very difficult to keep up because the transition to next topics are so quick after the important information is mentioned its baffling to rush over the important details, but spend a long time on the insignificant details. Easily Cynthia can be more time efficient and more time productive in delivering the lecture if kept it to specific points and information in a succinct way then trying to just smash so much irrelevant content that's or going over the same thing over and over for about 50 minutes. I wish we can attach lecture clips in to show evidence to show more clarity. From the listed objectives for us to be assessed on nothing was discussed. This unit is not a neonatal, foetal and paediatrics, but on adult mental health so why on earth is all the information not on adult mental health? Our placements from what I have been told from previous student's are in adult mental health places not children. I have 6 younger siblings so I do not need a person who has no children or no younger siblings to tell me about them as I have plenty of experience in that department. Cynthia Delgado likes to use the phrase, as I have mentioned before literally in every tine, but she didn't and its actually more so her repeating the same information not teaching us anything. Clearly a lazy way of trying to actually explain and teach us something, so why are you teaching then? Reading of the slides without adding any additional information and contribution again just shows no need for the overly excessively long lecture if can just read off the slides where the copied and paste all the information for other sources and not in her own words? In the audio you can hear the voice stay a monotonic way reading off slide or from another source and dead give away when she mentioned that some fact was new to her, clearly showing she gets her information online from google. My sister did this subject last year and she warned me how much mind games they play on you to screw you over to the point she deleted and there away all her notes because of the trauma the lecturers caused and based on this first hand experience so far all I can say is this is the truth honestly. The guest lecturer Michelle Maw constantly was talking and referring to drugs and alcohol and partying and promiscuity. I am not sure if she is deflecting on us students or judging us because she did not do it, but the obsession she had to these topics when referring to them literally every minute in the lecture is baffling. Michelle Maw keeps referring to you would have cover this and learned this already, but next minute goes to explaining it. We have old notes own them so can refer to them not sure why your contradicting yourself. The lecture was about neurological assessment and she talked about it for like 10 minutes out of the over 2 hours lecture, so I am not sure your n to keeping it simple and talking about the assessed objectives. I have a feeling this lady clearly has some power struggle issues where she is clearly trying to assert and show her medical knowledge trying to dominate us students, but that's very pathetic and sad to see man elderly lady trying to be petty to students in there early 20's. Michelle talks a lot about we are going to learn about that next year, but then goes to like 30 minutes explaining it anyway. She has no awareness on how to teach and educate effectively.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021