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Su Aung giving the lecture on diabetes as terrible and very inaccurate. For starters could not understand a single word that was being mentioned so just had to read slides and google everything and also the journal articles on the university website and there was so many disparities in the information it was shockingly poor. I am not sure how she is conducting her studies as a phd candidate, but if this is any indication then I am not sure what standards this University is lowering itself to considering the teaching standards are very poor compared to what I've seen from friends studying nursing at other universities. I should not have to pay HECS back for this subpar level of education if this is what they deem the best as that is very inaccurate. Please dont allow this lady to lecture as she dose not know how to present accurate information in a chronological and sequential order at all. Su Aung needs to be reminded that she is teaching nurses and in Australia it is legally required to have all drugs and medications ordered by the doctor and medical team first as nurses can't do that as it is not within our scope of practise that is against the law. Someone for the faculty needs to remind and teach her that because in the whole lecture she is literally tell us that we can do this and that when that is so wrong and negligent for her to be giving out wrong information. SU Aung also is saying to go against the doctors medical advice and to challenge them which is so wrong and unprofessional as they would have more knowledge with certain drugs and medications, sounds like she is bitter about being just a nurse and not a doctor. She likes to say like I mentioned or told you , but the funny thing is she never did or mentioned. I would not want her as a nurse if the memory is easily loss. Su Aung tries to use all the fancy powerpoint transitions, but it dose not fool me as it still shows lack of knowledge and lecturing. It is very cluttered and messy. She needs to follow the KISS (keep it simple STUPID) process where sometimes keeping the flow straight forward is better than trying hard when it is still a huge fail. Su Aung gets DKA and HHS mixed up so many times throughout the recording its so embarrassing and shocking too watch a phd candidate so called not able to express concepts that's in her field is very laughable and worrisome fora University that supposed to have the standards thesis very low ball low rent. If I can show clips and screen shots would make things more clear. Needs to be fired and not teach ever again and need to re-study as the information was incorrect. Su Aung is constantly coughing and sneezing and sniffling and gargling flew throughout the recording and I am not not sure if she has COVID and is at work and if so I dont want to be at risk when at campus if she is also when ill. This shows that the unit coordinator Dawn Perez is not good at running a unit effectively and properly. there have been so many inconsistencies this whole semester and lack of quality information delivered.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Kylie Tastula wanted to educate us in diet, nutrition and exercise but news flash shouldn't she focus on her own health first before dishing it us and patients and she was overweight herself. If she is not able to look after her own health that clearly shows she is at a risk of a stroke due to the modifiable factors she could change that she is trying to tell us. Next, the lecture was a shamble and completely utterly a waste if 3 hours that could clearly be cut into an hour and abit. She rambles on about nothing to do with our learning objectives and assessment criteria. She might be good at her job she claims, but not as an educator and not a lecturer at all. Literally no point having the lecture as everything read of the powerpoint its useless and not an dynamic multimedia lecture presentation at all its so poorly executed that countries in third world could easily emulate this standard showing how low grade and low class the nursing school is when doing content for students. Not sure where the unit coordinator and the faculty are finding these guest lectures but they clearly doing a horrible standard at finding great best lectures. The unit coordinator can't lecture herself so it is not a surprise she has very low standards for guest lectures. Again this site needs attachment for photos and videos so could attach all the evidence to show the foolishness going on. I would not want Kylie Tastula treating me at all if I ever have a stoke, which I might because she didn't teach me anything and its frustration I have to pay hecs when I should get a refund for the atrocious non teaching, but important I don't want and trust Kylie Tastula treating me as everything she says is contradicting. How can you as an obese person lecture me or others about weight when you can't even do for yourself? pot calling the kettle black, so hypocritical. Overall she didn't teach me anything about strokes and googled everything. Since she read of slides I just googles things she didn't explain at all which was a lot and it basically told me everything making me question her nursing skills also. In conclusion Kylie Tastula needs an introductory lesson on how to be an educator she is clearly not and should stick to being a nurse and leave it to someone who has a passion and loves teaching in a direct swift simple manner which is not her at all. Kylie Tastula is really out of touch and has no idea how busy a ward is from what I have seen on placements and the nurses dont have time to sit down and talk to a patient who has aphaisa for 30 minutes and she is saying to disregard care of the many other patients just for one. This shows Kylies lack if spatial awareness and keeps adding to the confusion and distrust I have her about her claiming she's a professional when she is trying too mandate this unrealistic care protocol. Now onto Dawn Perez trying to force us students to come back to uni campus for face to face labs when covid is rampant in Sydney. She has no regard for safety and wellbeing of students. There where some cases of staff in the health faculty who tested positive for covid and she wants to out students at risks which is illegal and unacceptable. Would she be paying for my medical bills if I get infected and then so dose my family? I would like a contract being signed stating she will be liable for damages that occur to if I got covid from a student or staff member. I dont know where people have been or who they socialise with. The way Dawn has structured this unit is disgraceful and the lack of support and trash materials is just not acceptable. Dawn dose not even bother to explain the maths quiz and essay at all and no coaching and teaching us about the medication maths setting a 100% rate or fail the whole course showing a lack of leadership as she can't even show us herself how to do the different calculations and not even bothered to take the time to educate us this is very unacceptable and disgusting. Needs to be fired now and replaced. Next, Bernadette Bisazza. I do not know where to start, but absolutely ridiculous. This thing went over by near 2 hours ion a 2 hour lecture when giving a lecture that was waffling on insanely and just not keeping to the main points. It is funny again that she is telling us to keep healthy and tell patients to keep keep healthy when she herself is not healthy at all. The irony and the hypocritical messaging is out of this world. This thing got so happy when she was like I will explain it to you later like she was about to trash us with all this information trying too show she's so much better than us as clearly in her work she's not been able to been strong. If it makes her feel better to try and kill us students by hammering on about information that can be concise more efficiently than that's very low of her. Overall just bad teaching 101 not sure why she's even trying to lecture when reading of the slides which where clearly taken from other sources so not her own words anyways so might as well just google everything and got the information easier. Another horrible lecture on ACS is done by Dion Candelaria, he has no clue what is going with stumbling and muffling every 2nd word showing lack on confidence in presenting the topics. Why get someone who is well versed in the field to give the lecture. It was very low quality and could have again just googled everything myself. He stopped a lot and it was very ironic him saying he dose didn't want to talk about the minor details and ended up spending half the lecture on them. Poor form again from this unit as a whole I can't wait to the evaluations come out to really critique the mess and shambles this unit is. Dion Candelaria is a PHD student, so still a student trying to tell us students the information the the dose not know himself and should stick to research as he is not a lecturer and academic ever. this shows the lack of quality in teaching this university displays and how they should be giving refunds for HECS as the learning was all self taught by myself from google. This site needs to allow videos and images so can post all these evidence and highlight the disgusting education standards. Next, Angeline John Xavier you can't even understand this person speak. I am an immigrant myself and the accent is like way strong and you dont even understand a single word. I am not sure what this faculty and unit coordinator are doing like where are they finding these lecturers and importantly why aren't they giving it themselves if they claim they have all the education and knowledge? Also the explanations of pulmonary disorders is way off and just terrible, again I had to use google to explain explain and it was so much easier than what Angeline John Xavier made it out to be. Clearly thinking she has all these fancy titles thinking is better and teaching and talking to to students is beneath her you can tell. I its just week after week of horrendous content its baffling. So far I would not want any of these people who apparently have a nursing degree to be my nurse of my family members nurse with the lack of knowledge they have to even talk about the topic and have to read very word from a paper they copied from other sources. Su Aung likes to rample a lot about her own personal history when she needs to just be stating acts and information about the topic. Not clear pronouciations and just very confusing to follow as information is not delivered properly.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

I am not sure who wrote those fake paid reviews prior or if they are cooked in the head from taking too many drugs, but they are so wrong its laughable. I did the unit last year and my sister and her friends are doing it currently now and having dame issues as me. This is by far one of the worst units taught ever in my studies at Usyd. The lecturer dawn Perez dose not even know what does saying and teaching as you clearly see on the video recordings she is reading of notes word for word from other sources its pathetic. You can see she has multiple screens up showing the inability to speak on this topic without external sources helping. My question is why teach if you don't know the information and should relinquish the position to people who can speak about the topics without any notes as the information is imbedded in their heads? The lecturer at many times is stumbling over her words and is talking incoherently with no clear flow to the lecture topics based on the objectives listed. When discussing the application of the formula to use to administer IV fluids dawn had no clue what she was talking about botching topic making it not clear at all. I actually had to ask nurses at the medical centre where I worked to explain this and they did a far superior and less complex job than the lecture herself and then are not in the education field, which highlights how incompetent dawn Perez is as an educator. The concepts when discussed are not given in detail because she jumping back and forth without concisely finishing them to move on to the next one making note taking confusing as your not sure what topic she is referring to as is all over the place. There should be options to attach evidence of clips of the lectures to show where and how often these instances this is occurring. Its just disgraceful for a uni that is considered the best they do not have the best teaching staff. Overall poorly delivered unit and a staff overhaul is required ASAP as this is unacceptable quality as I have to pay this back in HECS, which I should not be at all if this is the poor standard. I should have gotten this unit for free and so should the other students as nothing was taught properly in lectures, tutorials and labs. I did all the learning myself showing the extremely poor standards. If I'm having to do the staffs job then there a bigger problem that needs to be solved. I will get my sister and her friends to write her reviews soon and post it because the truth and real and honesty must come out. The guest lecture Narelle Story who talked about the GIT and when on about the gut microbiota for over 1 hour and then also added other irrelevant information not in out learning objectives making the lecture unnecessary long and boring when she can just get to the point. Narelle went on about how we have been taught things, but then she talked abut it next minute in full senses contradicting yourself making it just so disorganised and badly ally taught. Narelle talked about satiation hormone for 30 minutes when doubtful this in the exam. Narelle also like to use the phrase like I have mentioned before, but she dose n to mention anything and is terrible at explain anything at all. Very bad quality recording, No enthusiasm inn the voice when teaching and a very dull tone. Someone else should have given the lecture not Narelle and she should be fired and should replaced, by a staff member willing to give effort. I am just happy I didnt ended up killing myself or cutting myself from these horrible guest lecturers like Michelle Maw. I sat in on my sisters lecture and it was like she was mind screwing you and the disorganisation of her content was next level bad.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

absolutely terrible. doing this subject now and omg its so bad in compared to how my friends are being taught at other uni's. also my sister warned me about it. will come back and update with more details as I have a lot to complain about the poor quality of the the Usyd nursing school the fact the staff are not the ones educating us and have to our source finding others to do their work is very lame. Im sure there are educators that are versatile and well rounded in all fields this uni can hire to deliver content competently. The guest lecturer Michelle Maw constantly was talking and referring to drugs and alcohol and partying and promiscuity. I am not sure if she is deflecting on us students or judging us because she did not do it, but the obsession she had to these topics when referring to them literally every minute in the lecture is baffling. Michelle Maw keeps referring to "you would have cover this and learned this already", but next minute goes to explaining it. We have old notes own them so can refer to them not sure why your contradicting yourself. The lecture was about neurological assessment and she talked about it for like 10 minutes and could have most likely make it 40 minutes in detailed, but chose to add irrelevant information for over 3 hours with no regard for that id was like when she was learning trying to smash us with information to learn to again try and make us fail. I am not sure your it is so hard to keep it simple and focus only on assessed objectives. I have a feeling this lady clearly has some power struggle issues where she is clearly trying to assert and show her medical knowledge trying to dominate us students, but that's very pathetic and sad to see an elderly lady trying to be petty to students in there early 20's. Michelle talks a lot about we are going to learn about that next year, but then goes to like 30 minutes explaining it anyway. She has no awareness on how to teach and educate effectively. The fact Michelle Maw even stated if you have a chance to go to the snow, as she was discussing hypothermia injuries occur is very stupid considering Sydney is under lockdown and basically as a nurse to openly tell us students to flout the stay at home order imposed by the government. Again this site needs to include options to have photos and video clips to paste onto comments that will back up my points further showing the proof of my reviews. Overall Michelle Maw needs to be fired from teaching and just stay a nurse as she has no idea how to be a good orator. Michelle Maw dose not know how to even work a powerpoint presentation, let a lone put points and slides in a correct order further showing her inability to be an educator and should leave it to someone who is able to competently and eloquently teach this topic.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021


Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This unit of study complements Illness Experience and Nursing Care, focusing on the responses of individuals and others to disruption to health. This unit of study aims to address issues surrounding acute nursing practices for various patients with common health care needs. Nursing practices associated with: the restoration and maintenance of oxygenation, ventilation and circulation; metabolism and elimination; consciousness and regulation; and movement and protection, are expanded upon using the framework for practice thinking. A life span approach will be used throughout with a focus on how diseases manifest and are treated differently as they occur at different life stages.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017