Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers, Elisabeth Peden, Miiko Kumar

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LexisNexis Questions and Answers

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LAWS5013 & LAWS2016 Evidence - Ultimate Exam Scaffolds, Flowcharts and Analysis (HD)

Written by Kate

HD STANDARD - Includes flowcharts for exam problem solving, discussion of controversial and undecide...

86 pages, 46600 words


Written by Agatha

This note will help you with the problem questions discussed in class throughout the entire semester...

85 pages, 38200 words

LAWS 2016/5013 EVIDENCE detailed note

Written by Agatha

A detailed note. Exam scaffold is available for purchase separately. Topic: Burden of proof...

191 pages, 84231 words

Comprehensive Summaries & Legislation

Written by Sally

I thoroughly enjoyed evidence law and had a great grasp on the content. These notes contain all...

126 pages, 51386 words

High Distinction LAWS5013 Notes + Problem Question Revision Answers

Written by Jack

These Evidence notes served me well in the initial assessment and final exam - overall helping me to...

170 pages, 70875 words

Evidence Law Scaffolds - 87 HD (I ranked top 5)

Written by Daniel

I ranked top 5 for Evidence Law. It's a complex subject but it's possible to ace it! These notes bre...

43 pages, 21315 words

LAWS5013/LAWS2016 Evidence Distinction scaffold

Written by Vandelay

Succinct scaffolds (one for criminal proceedings and one for civil proceedings) for exams. Author...

36 pages, 14800 words

Extremely Detailed Evidence Law Notes (For LAWS5013 & LAWS2016)

Written by Vanessa

These notes follow the outline completely, very detailed, including all the facts and principles of...

175 pages, 115502 words

LAWS5013 Evidence 87% HD detailed

Written by Spenser

This note is a detailed account of all the materials covered in LAWS5013 Evidence. It provides a ste...

70 pages, 41678 words

Concise Evidence Law Exam Notes (For LAWS5013 & LAWS2016)

Written by Vanessa

This is a notes designed especially for the final open book exam. It includes all the important poin...

50 pages, 33886 words


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