Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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LAWS5004 / LAWS1016 Criminal Law Full Notes

These notes include all readings prescribed for the unit and incorporates information provided by le...

210 pages, 83800 words

DISTINCTION Criminal Law Exam Scaffolds and Notes LAWS1016/LAWS5004

Complete and concise set of exam ready scaffolds for all offences and defences as well as case notes...

84 pages, 47792 words

Criminal Law Scaffolds - I topped the subject (HD)

I got first in Criminal Law LAWS5004 – yes I really did, check the upcoming 2018 SULS Education Guid...

32 pages, 13910 words

Extremely Detailed Notes for Criminal Law -- 85D (For LAWS5004 & LAWS1016)

Completely followed the outline and useful for both LAWS5004 and LAWS1016, including every case and...

115 pages, 63741 words

D 84 LAWS1016/LAWS5004 Summarised & Detailed Course Notes

Comprehensive and well explained final exam notes for LAWS1016/LAWS5004 created from a range of reso...

105 pages, 27616 words

Comprehensive & Clear Exam notes - Scaffolds

These notes are detailed yet draw out the most important facts and principles from the cases! The...

83 pages, 27116 words

HD exam scaffolds

Comprehensive exam scaffolds for LAWS1016, LAWS5004. Murder, Constructive Murder Manslaughter - UD...

21 pages, 12679 words

Criminal Law Exam Scaffold -- 85D (For LAWS5004 & LAWS1016)

These charts are especially for criminal law exam, designed for LAWS5004 and LAWS1016. Help you to f...

14 pages, 8000 words

Crim notes - detailed and easy to follow

These Criminal Law notes combines material from lectures and readings. The structure and logic is ve...

83 pages, 44543 words

Criminal Law Exam Notes (LAWS5004) - Juris Doctor (Distinction)

1. Murder 2. Homicide by Omission 3. Constructive Murder 4. Manslaughter - UDA & GNM 5. Assaults...

86 pages, 34991 words


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Really interesting subject. Enjoyed the dual focus on doctrine and critique/reform. But feels rushed, especially toward the end - probably tries to cram too much into a single course.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Interesting content but a lot to read and cram into one three hour lecture a week when you work full time - when are USYD going to release course reading early so that part time students can get a head start on the reading - so difficult when working.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020