Australian Intellectual Property

Kathy Bowrey, Michael Handler, Dianne Nicol, Kimberlee Weatherall

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Intellectual Property Collection 2016

LexisNexis Butterworths

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High Distinction IP Notes (Cheat Sheet)

Written by Carissa

This is a set of notes you can take in for your final examinations. It is my short hand notes that c...

15 pages, 11009 words

Distinction Copyright and Design Notes + Scaffold (S1 2018)

Written by Ying

This comprehensive (and up-to-date) set of notes provides a detailed framework and guide to the copy...

160 pages, 104306 words

IP: Copyright and Designs Notes (Distinction)

Written by Ally

These notes are suitable for LAWS3480 and LAWS5180. I completed this subject in Semester 2 of 2017,...

122 pages, 63088 words

LAWS3480 Copyright & Design Comprehensive Notes

Written by Sophie

Read the textbook and all the cases to summarise them into comprehensive notes on legislation, cases...

188 pages, 85664 words

High Distinction (HD) Notes for IP Copyright/Design - Well formatted + comprehensive case summaries + legislation

Written by Carissa

This notes is a compilation of textbooks, lecture slides, and additional readings. It will be very h...

142 pages, 64178 words

Copyright & Designs detailed, exam style notes

Written by Alex

Highly detailed IP: Copyright & Designs notes from the 2013 course. These are very well structured a...

47 pages, 25030 words


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The teacher is absolutely fantastic - engaging, entertaining, clearly knowledgeable but also approachable. The subject matter is complicated and can be difficult if you don't stay on top of the cases and readings, but the teacher is of great help in pointing out the crucial aspects of each case.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014