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DISTINCTION Evidence Notes - Well-formatted + Comprehensive Case Summaries + Legislation + Sample Solutions to Problem Questions

Written by Carissa

This notes is a compilation of textbooks, lecture slides, and additional readings. It will be very h...

164 pages, 60000 words

DISTINCTION Evidence Notes (Cheat Sheet)

Written by Carissa

This is a set of notes you can take in for your final examinations. It is my short hand notes that c...

10 pages, 9657 words


Written by Agatha

This note will help you with the problem questions discussed in class throughout the entire semester...

85 pages, 38200 words

LAWS 2016/5013 EVIDENCE detailed note

Written by Agatha

A detailed note. Exam scaffold is available for purchase separately. Topic: Burden of proof...

191 pages, 84231 words

Evidence Law Final Exam Notes

Written by Mariah

All content for the semester - including readings from the latest edition of Kumar, Odgers and Peden...

127 pages, 80000 words

Distinction Evidence Topic, Legislation and Case Law Notes

Written by Lilly

Distinction Evidence Notes- includes all relevant parts of legislation annotated and explained; case...

162 pages, 70995 words

Distinction Evidence Scaffold (S2 2017)

Written by Ying

This concise (and up-to-date) set of notes provides a framework and guide for answering evidence exa...

65 pages, 44468 words

LAWS2016 Evidence 85HD Comprehensive Notes - All Readings AND Scaffolds Included

Written by Sergio

Content dense notes! Covers all topics and includes ALL case readings, as well as including problem...

125 pages, 51634 words

Evidence Exam Scaffolds

Written by Ellen

These notes were prepared as a set of exam scaffolds which condense the course material into a flow-...

36 pages, 17389 words

DISTINCTION Evidence Law Notes

Written by Ally

These notes summarise the entire course content (lectures and readings) for both LAWS2016 and LAWS50...

37 pages, 23943 words


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Well taught and very manageable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019