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☆ ★ 2018 - INFS2030 (HD) NOTES! [All Lectures!! ]★☆

Written by James

3rd in COURSE! ★ COMPREHENSIVE INFS2030 Notes ★ ★ HD Notes ★ TOPIC LIST: I. Introduction...

32 pages, 8031 words

INFS2030 e-Business Management Concise HD Notes

Written by Jonathan

Detailed notes containing all relevant lecture material, summarised readings and key business cases...

30 pages, 5894 words

INFS2030 Full Subject Notes HD (Ranked 3rd)

Written by Michael

Concise subject notes for INFS2030. Containing ALL examinable material, and minimal non-examinable m...

25 pages, 7100 words

e-Business Management (INFS2030): Complete Set of Course Notes

Written by Ash

Comprehensive and complete set of course notes compiled from lecture notes, course textbook and othe...

49 pages, 20000 words


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