Fundamentals of Business Process Management

Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, Jan Mendling, Hajo Reijers

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INFS2020 Course Notes - Ranked 2nd, Mark: 82

Written by Sue

A complete, comprehensive and detailed summary of the INFS2020 course, developed from a combination...

69 pages, 25926 words

INFS2020 Comprehensive Final Exam Notes

Written by Yingdan Su

It covers all topics and helps me a lot in the final exam. 1. Process identification (process archi...

18 pages, 5686 words

W1-12 Complete notes D-HD year 2018

Written by Janelle

Why this note will help you achieve higher mark? *Logical>>neat& structured *Easy>>important conce...

13 pages, 4000 words

INFS2020 - Comprehensive Exam Notes

Written by Rodoshi

Will get you through the exam - organised format - covers exam topics - includes instructions on...

10 pages, 2339 words

Business Process Modelling and Improvement (INFS2020): Complete Set of Notes

Written by Ash

Comprehensive and complete set of course notes compiled from lecture notes, course textbook and othe...

40 pages, 14000 words


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