☆★ 2018 INFS 2010 (HD) NOTES! [Lectures, diagrams!] ★☆

Written by James

Comprehensive INFS 2010 notes. Includes: Notes for all lectures Covered tutorials Extra tips...

27 pages, 6452 words

INFS2010 Course Notes - Ranked 1st, Mark: 90

Written by Sue

A complete, comprehensive and detailed summary of the INFS2010 course, developed from a combination...

34 pages, 16061 words

INFS2010 - Comprehensive Exam Notes

Written by Rodoshi

Will get you through semester and exam: - organised format - covers all exam topics (weeks 1-9)

10 pages, 4262 words

INFS2010 People, Information and Knowledge - Complete Set of Course Notes

Written by Ash

Comprehensive and complete set of course notes compiled from lecture notes, course textbook and othe...

53 pages, 18000 words


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