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IBUS3102 Notes DISTINCTION-82, 2017S1 - incl. readings!

Written by James

Comprehensive notes covering readings, lectures and workshops. Achieved 82 with these notes (it w...

70 pages, 23970 words

Succinct IBUS3102 Cheat Sheet

Written by Courtney

Notes cover the entire subject and provides a succinct outline of key points. The 2-page document wa...

2 pages, 3087 words

Final Exam Revision

Written by Sally

Collated lecture, reading and study notes for this subject. My advice would be to focus on the case...

25 pages, 8390 words

IBUS3102 Complete Notes

Written by Donal

Covers all topics and lectures - however, does not many readings. Includes 'Steps in Risk Analysi...

30 pages, 7204 words


Written by Thomas

These notes are a comprehensive summary of ALL lecture content for IBUS3102 throughout the semester....

14 pages, 5048 words

IBUS3102 Lecture, Readings & Exam Notes

Written by Zin Phyo Maung

This note includes summaries of all weekly lectures and readings from Week 1 to Week 13.

18 pages, 10775 words


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I picked this subject up as an elective that fit into my timetable, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the lecturer taught the course. She was able to explain things with great analogies, and she was very friendly. Do not be daunted by the 3 hour scheduled seminar, as most lessons only take up 2 hours and you get an early mark. The assessments I found a bit challenging as they were a bit subjective, however there is one group assignment where the best team gets to go to Melbourne for a business conference, so there is some incentive there.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016