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Succinct IBUS1102 Cheat Sheet

Notes cover the entire subject and provides a succinct outline of key points. The 2-page document wa...

2 pages, 1990 words

Cross-Cultural Management

Notes on Lectures AND Readings These notes came in very handy for the final exam! Really thoro...

44 pages, 11425 words

Week 9 + 10

week 9 and 10 cover multicultural teams and conflict

9 pages, 1216 words

IBUS2102 Distinction notes

very comprehensive notes that cover all topics. Extracts from the readings are included where releva...

59 pages, 8861 words

Complete HD IBUS 2102 Notes

I achieved a high distinction in this course. These notes include the points from the lecture slides...

65 pages, 12806 words

IBUS 2102 Detailed Notes

Detailed self-organised notes drew from lectures, tutorials, readings

43 pages, 19704 words

IBUS2102 Notes HIGH DISTINCTION (Ranked #3 in course Sem 2, 2016)

Comprehensive notes used for the final exam, including course readings, lectures, tutorials and case...

55 pages, 10075 words

IBUS2102 Lectures + Readings

Full Lecture Notes and Readings for IBUS2102: Cross-Cultural Management from Week 1 to Week 13.

27 pages, 14771 words

IBUS2102 Final Exam Cheat Sheet

Everything you need to know for the final exam compressed into 2 double sided A4 pages. Perfect to t...

8 pages, 1355 words


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Quite an easy subject the content is useful and straightforward and there's not too much of it Quizzes were easy but you had to do them in the lecture Final was wired and the lecturer didn't supply enough practice material Overall, an easy and enjoyable unit Worth taking as an elective

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023


Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Not a bad subject and gives interesting insight into cultural differences between people. Could be very applicable and useful for the future if you land a job that requires you to work with people who are from different cultural backgrounds (basically most jobs). Assessments weren't too difficult and final exam is just all multi choice but there are a lot of readings. The lecturer did try to make you go to the lecture by marking a roll but you can still get 4/5 without attending a single one, just participate in tutes because that's more important. Overall a good subject for IBUS students.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Mediocre unit, terrible lecturer, convulated and unnecessarily lengthy content. Waste of time unless it's compulsory.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

A somewhat interesting subject looking into cultural diversity, however overall pretty basic and could be summed up as; 'when doing business/interacting with people in cultures distinct from your own, be mindful and act appropriately'..... Lots of readings, however the assignments aren't too difficult. The lecturer this semester was quite ridiculous as she insisted on students attending every lecture and recorded attendance at the start of each. Compulsory for int business major but would not recommend as an elective.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016