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HSTY1031 Renaissance and Reformation Notes and Tutorial Work

Written by Eric

Final mark was HD. Topped the course. Contains: - Copious notes on every lecture (though lectures...

69 pages, 30196 words


$45 per hour

My name is Eric and I am an Arts/Law student at the University of Sydney. With respect to tutoring,...


Very worthwhile subject. Tutors and lecturers were passionate, informed and very helpful, and the readings were incredibly interesting as most were foundational texts to Western philosophy, law, etc. Assignments were explained very well (no confusion as to what we were supposed to do) and quite easy. Perfect 1st year course and would highly recommend to anyone especially those new to the Renaissance and looking for an all-rounder introductory unit to the topic.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

My favourite subject I've done at uni. And I'm a GOVT major. John Gagne was amazing, sadly I don't think he teaches the course anymore. Content heavy - long readings, but readings are interesting if you're into history...which makes sense if you take the course. Tuts were pretty good for discussion and Essay topic was as open as can be.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Great lecturer, obviously very knowledgeable and articulate. However, his slides consisted of pictures. That's it. One pic per ten minutes of talking. FOR A TWO HOUR LECTURE. It was difficult to know which information was the most relevant. Also don't be a complete IDIOT like me and miss the first lecture, because I was scratching my head the entire lecture series, wondering what the Great Theme was, and of course, it was outlined in the first lecture. Finally listened to it when studying - AND LO AND BEHOLD THINGS MADE SENSE. Fairly easy workload, but a lot of content to sort through. (A lot of set readings.)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014