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Complete GEOS1002 Notes

Written by Sophia

Comprehensive notes covering all lectures, readings and tutorials from Weeks 1-13. Topics include...

28 pages, 11396 words

GEOS1002 Introductory Geography Notes

Written by Rachel

This document is a complete summary of the entire course's lecture content - all thirteen weeks - an...

61 pages, 18714 words

GEOS1002: Introductory Geography

Written by Amy

Perfect notes for the upcoming exam.

10 pages, 3000 words

GEOS1002 Introductory Geography Notes

Written by Leah

Comprehensive lecture and tutorial notes for GEOS1002. Includes study notes, revision questions and...

45 pages, 15740 words

GEOS1002 HD Notes

Written by Mark

These notes incorporate all you need to know about the subject in a concise manner. They include in...

28 pages, 12000 words


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As a student of Geography this was a pretty interesting course. You learn about different case studies to apply the idea of thinking geographically. Naturally there were case studies that were more interesting. Not really context heavy but more about applying techniques of how to think in order to answer the essay questions at the end. Tutorials were class presentations which weren't that interesting in all honesty but overall the course was good.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

A wonderful unit - the lecturer was very direct and concise, and presented the lecture content in a very enjoyable manner. Although the unit is quite content-heavy (if you intend to learn each individual piece of information presented), it's very interesting and informative. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Good unit once you finish the exam.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016