Financial Trading and Investing

Teall, John

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FINC3014 Trading and Dealing in Security Markets HD Notes

Notes cover content for entire semester Topics covered: * Trading basics * The trading industry...

114 pages, 50833 words

FINC3014 Trading and Dealing Securities Markets COMPLETE NOTES

High quality notes that clearly, concisely and comprehensively outline the entire FINC3014 course. C...

52 pages, 22604 words

Trading and Dealing Final Exam notes

Full set of notes for trading and dealing, including lecture and tutorial notes. Fully inclusive of...

62 pages, 29840 words

FINC3014 HD Notes + Questions

Ace this course with HD notes that cover the lectures and the textbook. In a concise manner, these n...

47 pages, 16115 words

FINC3014 HD final exam notes + final questions

A comprehensive and detailed summary of the finc3017 course content, developed from lectures, tutori...

20 pages, 4282 words


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Full of theory throughout the course. The lab session is quiet exciting, however, the lack of instruction during the session has made students easily get lost. Overall, it is a good course for a sound understanding of trading and exchanges.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

not quite exciting, the content on slides and textbook could be fundamentally different, kind of boring. do not expect to learn something useful.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

While initially the content was exceptionally dry, it become quite interesting after the first few weeks. I think most people picked the unit thinking it was 'relatively easy' but it certainly was not. It required a lot more calculations than most people expected. To get a HD, you really needed to be able to apply concepts to numbers (self-study) and also have reasoned arguments on issues (e.g. Insider trading) - from a HD student

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015