Introduction to exercise science

Terry J. Housh, Dona J. Housh, Glen Oliver Johnson

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HD Notes: Fundamentals of Exercise Science

Written by Edward

This subject is quite fun as you can see the theoretical concept's applications to everyday life. Be...

78 pages, 15355 words


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Great introduction to sports science, Kate Edwards was a fantastic co-ordinator. Be sure to attend all lectures and classes as the final test contains a lot of detail from these. It is pretty easy to get close to full marks in the 40% in-semester assessments if you prioritise them. Kate and the teachers give lots of clues about the final exam content to try to boost everyone's marks, so listen out for their tips!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

As the course name suggests, you learn the fundamentals of working in the exercise science industry, e.g. things like measuring and predicting changes in heart rate and blood pressure as a response to exercise, taking ECG readings, measuring a person's fitness through VO2max tests, etc. FES was a great subject, and Kate Edwards is the best lecturer/course coordinator!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014