Aesthetic Theory

Theodor W. Adorno

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Beginning Theory

Peter Barry

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Jacques Lacan

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Be warned. Only do this unit if you're comfortable with the below. The entire unit outline is poorly designed. The subject area so vast and virtually impossible to condense in 12 weeks. The unit coordinator has not thought of a better way to engage students and present literary theory in such a way that is practical to do so in 12 weeks. Unit coordinator seems to have a problem with embracing modern technology. Lectures are not on powerpoint, lecture notes/scripts are handwritten of which the writing is barely legible, the same with your results and feedback. Any assistance/advise on how best to approach your assignments are not provided, in fact, directly refused in my experience. You will be asked to write assignments on questions/subjects that no lecture/discussion is provided for. The marking system is pretty ambiguous. If this is an elective, I would advise against it unless you're okay with all the above. Oh, and in the tutorials, students are barely engaged. It almost appears to me that the unit coordinator is having a conversation with himself.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018