The Practice of English Language Teaching Book with DVD Pack

Jeremy Harmer

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Communication Skills Handbook

Jane Summers, Brett Smith

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One of the best courses I've done in uni as it was very hands on. Yes, the pracs were scary but it gives you a taste what teaching would be like.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Good subject. Very interesting if you're looking to be an English teacher. If you complete all 4 units you get a certificate from Usyd which is pretty good if you want to work as an English teacher here. There is no lecture, just a 3 hours tutorial. There are very diverse assesments which are all very achievable so it's pretty easy to go for disctinction, you also get a practicum which is scary but ultimately gives you a taste you what it's like to be teaching English. Interesting course although they have some problems for coordinating and organising especially the practicums, we got the material quite late and the explanation of what was expected from us for the final portfolio wasn't really clear. Basically, a god subject that's what you want to do but if it's not then yu'll be wasting your time there.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016