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Hi, I'm Amy, a forth-year liberal studies student, currently doing the third-year economic honors. A...


It is a very interesting macro course. And Stella is one of the most supportive lecturers I've ever had. The underlying relationships among the variables in each model could be difficult at first sight and you need to really think about it. The textbook could be quite helpful as it provides you with very detailed explanations. The in-class exercises could be challenging and you really should have a try.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Stella is a good lecturer, she does a wonderful job in explaining the content and engages the class once in a while, which was welcomed. I enjoyed taking a different approach to macro which involved micro-foundations. The problem sets were a great tool for instant feedback, and some questions required some thinking. The mid term exam was difficult at first, but once we went through it, it was clear. Stella offers a lot of support, and she clearly listens to feedback, for instance, going a bit more slowly on the last few topics, and how our last topic was labour search models (as we skipped the final topic that Stella initially planned on doing). A lot of work is done in this class, but you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016