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HD (85) ECOS3027 Final Exam Notes

Written by Georgia

Final exam notes for ECOS3027 (2019) Topics included: 1 – Background and empirical ‘facts’ 2 –...

20 pages, 7615 words


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I thought this subject would be predominantly theory based economics, and thought I could skip out on a maths subject. I was wrong. Still quite a bit of maths involved in this subject along with theory. There is a lot of assessments involved in this subject- 2x reading reflection assignments (small though), a mid sem, a group video project, an essay, and a final exam. So a lot of assessments. It wasn't an interesting subject either. However, in all, if you are looking for I suppose an easier 3000 unit econ subject I would still recommend this, I'm not the best with maths but managed to end up with a distinction.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020