ECOP2011 Reader

Michael Begg

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ECOP2011 Reader

Michael Begg

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ECOP2011 Complete Subject Notes (Distinction)

Written by Oliver

Comprehensive ECOP2011 notes on every week of the course that enabled me to achieve a distinction. I...

31 pages, 10667 words


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A nice look at contemporary critiques of mainstream macroeconomic theory (capitalism is a macroeconomic idea after all). It's not always entirely clear who's who and what's what with the theories. A bit clearer structure would be nice. Overlaps with ECOP2612 a bit too. The new lecturer Mike is comitted but obviously still learning to teach the course himself.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Joseph Halevi is amazing and knows his stuff really well! However, because of his improv lecture style his train of thought is sometimes scattered and disordered which makes it difficult to take notes by hand/typing (which you will realise is ridiculously important because of the amount of and density of the content). Also, there are no real lecture slides - only 20 page note handouts. These are fantastic on one hand but if you are looking for quick dot-point summaries you aren't going to find any here. If you do this course be prepared for at least 5 articles of reading a week.... BIG articles mind you... and a massive course reader that will set you back $40, which makes it difficult to both carry anywhere and impossible to do the readings on the bus before the tutes. Joseph has also mentioned he hasn't looked at the reader in years (which kind of explains why it is so ridiculously large). Good unit, lectures are recorded but you really can't miss one (he points at graphs and formulas that aren't written anywhere sometimes) but really complex - if you didn't like any of the junior units of political economy then i doubt you'll want to exert effort needed to actually pass the course (FYI - you need minimum of 40% in the exam to pass, which after doing this unit, seems harder than it sounds for the amount of content shoved into your brain).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014